FAQs – Global Connect

GMGlobalConnect is a web portal for GM dealerships and employees to access various GM-related resources and tools. GMGlobalConnect serves as a one-stop shop for the vast array of services offered by GM, including sales, marketing, training, technical support, and more. 

As GMGlobalConnect is an all-encompassing portal, it can take time for first-time users to navigate. In that case, this FAQ guide aims to answer common questions and help users with easy navigation.

How do you update personal information on the GM Global Connect portal? 

Updating personal information on the GM Global Connect portal is typically done through the “My Profile” section. Users can click on this section to update their contact details, password, and other personal information.

How secure are Global Connect services?

Global Connect uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety and protection of user data. The platform complies with the latest industry standards in data security and encryption.

Can Global Connect be used for business purposes?

Businesses can use Global Connect to communicate with their customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. The platform offers various features, such as scheduled and personalized messages, useful for business communication.

Can Global Connect be used in any country?

Yes, Global Connect can be used in any country where the platform is available. However, users must comply with the local laws and regulations of the country where they are using the platform.

Can Global Connect be used for political messaging?

Global Connect can be used for political messaging, but users must comply with all relevant laws and regulations governing political communication in their respective countries. Political messaging that violates the law or promotes hate speech is strictly prohibited.

What are the benefits of using GMGlobalConnect?

GMGlobalConnect offers numerous benefits for GM dealerships and employees. Firstly, it serves as a centralized platform for accessing GM-related tools and resources; Secondly, GMGlobalConnect also serves as a training platform. Lastly, GMGlobalConnect also helps dealerships to manage their business operations more effectively. 

How do I access GMGlobalConnect?

To access GMGlobalConnect, you will need login credentials from General Motors. Unfortunately, GMGlobalConnect is not available to the general public; it’s an exclusive platform for GM employees only. However, once you have your GM login credentials, you can access GMGlobalConnect by visiting www.gmglobalconnect.com.

What resources are available on GMGlobalConnect?

  • Technical Support: The portal offers technical support for GM products, including manuals, troubleshooting guides, and service bulletins.
  • Marketing Materials: GMGlobalConnect offers access to the most up-to-date marketing materials, including digital brochures, flyers, and graphics.
  • GM Parts Catalog: Dealership employees can discover all GM parts and accessories via the GM Parts Catalog.

How do I reset my GMGlobalConnect password?

If you have forgotten your GMGlobalConnect password, resetting it is relatively straightforward. Go to the GMGlobalConnect home page, click “forgot password,” and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to provide security information to confirm your identity. Once you reset your password, ensure you use a strong password.

What is GMGlobalConnect Customer Care?

GMGlobalConnect Customer Care is a department within General Motors that offers support and assistance to dealerships that use GMGlobalConnect. The Customer Care team is available to help resolve any technical issues that dealerships may encounter when using the platform. For instance, if a dealership is experiencing problems logging in or using any of the tools available on the platform, they can contact the Customer Care team for assistance.

How to handle technical issues while using the GM Global Connect portal?

If you encounter technical issues while using the GM Global Connect portal, you can usually contact the GM Global Connect Technical Assistance Center (TAC). The TAC team can help diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems using the portal. Contact the GM Global Connect Technical Assistance Center by phone or email for further guidance.

Final words 

GMGlobalConnect is an essential platform for General Motors dealerships and employees to stay up-to-date with the latest GM products and services. GMGlobalConnect offers a wide range of resources and tools to streamline business operations, provide technical support, and facilitate professional growth through training. With the help of the Customer Care team, dealerships can take advantage of all the features that GMGlobalConnect offers and optimize their daily operations.