Login Requirements for GMGlobalConnect Portal

GMGlobalConnect is an online portal designed especially for General Motors’ employees and authorized dealerships. This portal provides efficient and secure services to GM employees and authorized dealerships worldwide. Employees can access many services through this portal, such as vehicle tracking, communication, benefits, and training programs.

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Authorized dealerships use this portal to order vehicles, track inventory, and manage sales data. Here, you will receive a comprehensive guide on accessing and using the GMGlobalConnect portal.

What is GMGlobalConnect?

GMGlobalConnect is an online portal that provides services to General Motors employees and authorized dealerships. This portal provides information sharing, support, and vehicle ordering services to authorized dealerships worldwide. In addition, this portal is used by GM employees to access training programs, pay stubs, and other important information.

To access the GMGlobalConnect portal, users must have an account. Authorized dealerships can request an account through the GMGlobalConnect website. However, GM employees must have a GMID and password to access the portal.

GMGlobalConnect Login Requirements

Those who are authorized users may only access the login portal at www.gmglobalconnect.com.

  • The web address for employee login
  • Your username and password must be valid to access the General Motors employee portal.
  • Using a web browser
  • A basic understanding of English is required.
  • An internet-connected PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

How to Use GMGlobalConnect?

Navigate to the Dashboard

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to the GMGlobalConnect dashboard. This is the main page where you’ll access various tools and resources. The dashboard displays various information, such as news updates, notifications, and recently accessed pages.

Access Dealer Services

Click the “Dealer Services” tab in the top menu to access dealer services. This section contains various resources and tools, including vehicle ordering, inventory management, accounting, and service and parts ordering.

Access Training and Guides

If you need help understanding a particular process or tool, you can access the “Training and Guides” section of the platform. This section provides various instructional materials, such as videos, documents, and FAQs, to help you get started.

Communicate with GM

GMGlobalConnect allows you to communicate with the company directly through various channels. You can access contact information for GM customer service or send support requests through the platform.

Stay up-to-date on Company News

GMGlobalConnect also includes a news section that provides the most recent information about the company’s products, services, and events.


GMGlobalConnect is an efficient and secure platform that provides services to General Motors employees and authorized dealerships worldwide. This portal allows dealerships to track inventory, order vehicles, and manage sales data. The portal lets Employees access training programs, pay stubs, and other important information. By following the login requirement, accessing the GMGlobalConnect portal is easy. However, using this portal effectively to maximize its benefits is essential.


Can clients access the GMGlobalConnect portal?

The platform requires users to have login credentials provided by General Motors to access the portal. With the help of GMGlobalConnect, employees and dealers can provide their clients with efficient and better services through its easily accessible tools and services. Therefore, only authorized users can access the GMGlobalConnect portal, and clients cannot access it.

What is the main purpose of General Motors?

The main purpose of General Motors is to design, build, market, and sell a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, for customers around the world.