GMGlobalConnect Features: All you need to know 

General Motors is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, with a diverse range of vehicles ranging from trucks and SUVs to luxury cars. General Motors has introduced a state-of-the-art portal called GMGlobalConnect to meet customers’ demands and maintain a trustworthy relationship with their employees.

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This platform hosts many features to make it easier for employees to manage their work and interact with General Motors’ customers.

GMGlobalConnect Features for Employees

Essentially, GMGlobalConnect is a tool that allows General Motors employees to communicate with each other in real-time, irrespective of their geographical locations. 

It also provides an efficient way to access important company information and data. This platform helps employees in multiple departments of General Motors, including sales, service, production, parts, and marketing, to collaborate and coordinate their tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

GMGlobalConnect Account Features 

GMGlobalConnect account is a portal created for General Motor dealers and employees. The portal provides various features such as inventory management, service information, sales reporting, and marketing materials. It also allows dealers to communicate with General Motors’ customer service teams and connect with other dealerships. The GMGlobalConnect account is designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of General Motors dealerships.

Other Features of GM Global Connect Account

Access to Information and Data

GMGlobalConnect is an extensive database with various data types ranging from essential contacts and client details to sales and production data. The information is available to all authorized employees who can access it upon logging in to the portal. 

This means employees can quickly look up information about past sales, recalls, equipment specifications, prices, and much more, allowing them to quickly find out what they need to know to complete their work.

Moreover, the portal is updated regularly to provide the most current data and ensure all employees can access it. With all the available relevant information, employees can be more efficient, accurate, and productive with their tasks.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is critical to any organization’s success, and GMGlobalConnect provides employees a platform to communicate internally and externally. Through the portal, employees can communicate with each other and customers in real-time and from anywhere in the world. Not only does this save time and money, but it also helps to maintain a more effective organizational structure.

Different departments can work together to help each other on issues. For instance, if a customer complaint spans across departments, 

GMGlobalConnect allows employees to contact each other directly and work towards a resolution.

Sales Management

The sales feature on GMGlobalConnect provides an overview of the performance of dealers. This information includes current inventory, past sales, customer feedback, and upcoming sales promotions. The sales managers can use this data to analyze their dealership’s performance and make necessary adjustments to improve it further.

They can check inventory levels, vehicle pricing, sales incentives, and customer feedback to gauge the effectiveness of their sales strategy. By tracking their sales performance in real-time, sales managers can make informed decisions and adjust their strategy to improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Service Management

GMGlobalConnect also has a feature dedicated to service management. The service option keeps track of service appointments, service records, and vehicle information to ensure customers receive the best possible service experience.

Technicians can access service records to ensure that vehicles are serviced correctly, repair procedures are performed according to OEM standards, and the appropriate parts are used. These records help ensure that the customers’ vehicles are serviced correctly and provide valuable data for analysts to track and analyze maintenance trends.

Training and Development

GMGlobalConnect has a wealth of online training materials available for its employees. The training section provides access to learning materials on topics ranging from technical knowledge to customer service. Employees can get online certification in some courses, which also helps them progress in their career development.

This feature also helps new employees to integrate quickly into the organization and become more productive. Training modules are updated regularly to ensure employees are informed of the latest developments in their fields of work.

Marketing Resources

GMGlobalConnect has a feature that provides marketing resources to sales staff and dealers. This includes digital marketing assets, such as brochures, banners, and other print material that can be customized with their branding.

Marketing collateral like this is essential to helping dealerships create a consistent brand identity that strengthens their relationship with customers. This feature gives them access to the resources they need to create targeted campaigns and materials that drive sales and create a memorable sales experience for customers.

Benefits of the portal for employees

Access to Critical Information

Using the GMGlobalConnect portal, employees can access essential information about the company, such as company news, work schedules, and announcements. This feature lets employees stay informed about critical updates on their job and the company.


The portal allows employees to communicate with others and management, benefitting work-related discussions. Employees can also collaborate with their colleagues and share information, making it easier to work as a team.

Time Management

GMGlobalConnect portal enables employees to manage their time efficiently and effectively. Employees can view their schedules, job assignments, and responsibilities, making it easier for them to prioritize tasks. This feature helps employees to save time and work more productively.

Access to Training Materials

The GMGlobalConnect portal provides employees access to various training materials, including tutorials, videos, and e-learning programs. This feature empowers employees to develop skills and knowledge which can benefit their career growth.


Using the GMGlobalConnect portal is convenient for employees, eliminating the need to chase paper documents or visit the HR department. The portal is accessible from anywhere, anytime, making it easier for employees to manage their work and personal life.


GMGlobalConnect is an essential tool for General Motors employees, particularly those in sales, service, production, parts, and marketing. The platform’s features provide a one-stop shop for employee communication, data access, training, and marketing resources. The portal makes it easier for employees to coordinate their efforts across different departments, resulting in a more efficient and productive organization.  GMGlobalConnect is an excellent example of how technology can streamline organizational processes and drive customer satisfaction, making GM a world-class automobile company.