GMGlobalConnect Services

Companies in today’s world are facing tough competition to satisfy customer demands. A strong customer relationship can lead to growth and better development in business. 

GMGlobalConnect customer service is one such service that plays a vital role in maintaining customer relationships for General Motors (GM). Here you will explore the features of GMGlobalConnect customer services and how it helps General Motors to maintain customer relationships.

About GMGlobalConnect

GMGlobalConnect is an online portal designed for GM dealers to access wholesale incentives, training resources, order status, vehicle information, and other essential tools. The website was launched in 2001, and more than 4,300 GM dealers are currently taking advantage of it. GMGlobalConnect operates in both the United States and Canada regions.

about gmglobalconnect

The platform is a web-based platform accessible from any device with an internet connection. Users must log in to the platform with their unique global connect login credentials to access the features and tools available.

Once logged in, users can navigate through the platform using the dashboard’s widgets and tools, using the search feature, or browsing through the different menus. The platform’s menus are designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to manage their tasks easily.

Features of GMGlobalConnect

GMGlobalConnect customer service provides various features that help dealers to access important information, and these include:

  • GMGlobalConnect provides dealers with vehicle specifications, including details such as the model, year, and vehicle color options. Dealers can also use VIN Lookup to search for recall or service information.
  • Dealers can order new vehicles and parts, check the status of orders, and view invoices through the GMGlobalConnect portal. All of these features help to save time and resources.
  • GMGlobalConnect provides dealers with access to exclusive offers, incentives, and promotions. They can opt-in to receive emails and notifications on Dealer Programs.
  • GMGlobalConnect provides online training sessions for dealers to enhance their knowledge and skills, from general product knowledge to service training.
  • Dealers can contact GM through the portal for any assistance they require. This helps maintain the customer service standard of GM, which is responsive and helpful.

How GMGlobalConnect Helps in Maintaining Customer Relationships?

GMGlobalConnect services help General Motors to maintain customer relationships in various ways, as mentioned below:

1. Quick and Efficient Service

GMGlobalConnect helps dealers to access information and services quickly, which leads to faster turnaround times and improved customer satisfaction. This allows GM to maintain its customer support reputation, which benefits new customer acquisitions.

2. Better Communication

GMGlobalConnect provides dealers with direct communication channels to GM. This helps in resolving any issues efficiently and effectively. Better communication between GM and dealers helps them to improve their services and maintain better customer relations.

3. Improved Customer Service

GMGlobalConnect provides resources and tools that help dealers to deliver better customer service. By providing training, vehicle information, and recall information, dealers can serve and respond to customers’ requests quickly, making them feel comfortable and happy with their purchases. This also leads to recurring orders from satisfied customers.

4. Effective Marketing

GMGlobalConnect provides exclusive offers and incentives for dealers, which they can use to attract and retain customers. This helps to increase sales and customer satisfaction and enhances reputation.

5. Personalized Service

GMGlobalConnect allows dealers to better serve their customers by providing personalized solutions. By accessing vehicle history and other information, dealers can offer customized service experiences to their clients per their preferences and expectations.

How Does GMGlobalConnect Impact Automotive Industry?

General Motors (GM) is among the leading players in the automotive industry, and its dealership and field team rely on the GM GlobalConnect portal to access important information and business tools. Some of the significant impacts of GMGlobalConnect on the automotive industry are as follows.

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

The portal lets dealerships and field teams access essential vehicle information, such as the latest updates, available inventory, and technical specifications. These pieces of information are necessary for providing better and personalized customer service to clients. Additionally, the platform enhances communication between the dealership or field team and the customers, allowing for faster resolution of issues and improved satisfaction.

Streamlined Business Operations

The GMGlobalConnect platform has also impacted the automotive industry by streamlining various business operations. The platform provides different tools for inventory management, order tracking, and sales reporting. These tools help dealership and field teams to manage their operations more efficiently, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. As a result, the automotive industry has seen improved profitability and competitiveness.

Improved Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

The automotive industry is heavily regulated, and dealerships and field teams must comply with the rules to avoid legal and financial penalties. GMGlobalConnect offers training and compliance resources for dealerships and field teams, enabling them to stay updated on the latest legal and regulatory requirements. This feature has significantly impacted the automotive industry by promoting compliance and reducing legal risks.

Improved Innovation

The GMGlobalConnect platform has also impacted the automotive industry by promoting innovation. The platform provides different tools and resources for dealership and field teams to stay updated on the latest trends, technology, and advances in the automotive industry. This feature has promoted innovation in the industry, leading to more ecological, safer, and cost-effective vehicles.


GMGlobalConnect has many features, benefits, and advantages over other customer service providers that make it stand out. It has been designed to help GM dealers to access tools and resources efficiently, communicate with the GM team directly, sell more vehicles, and deliver better customer service. 

GMGlobalConnect has also helped to establish and maintain a strong customer relationship between GM, dealers, and customers. GMGlobalConnect will be critical in facilitating customer relationships and providing efficient customer service as General Motors continues to grow and expand.


Can I access GMGlobalConnect from outside the dealership?

You can access GMGlobalConnect from outside the dealership with a valid username and password. However, some functions may be restricted or unavailable off-site for security reasons.

What if I experience technical difficulties while using GMGlobalConnect?

If you encounter any technical issues while accessing GMGlobalConnect, you can contact the GM IT Help Desk for assistance. They can be reached at +1-888-337-1010.